Sometimes the time stamp of the last update in your Excel file and the time stamp of the changes made in the database get out of sync. You can manually change the last update time and sync all changes from that time forward. If the changes still do not sync as you would expect, please contact 14Fathoms.

To manually change the last update time (this applies to both the Bid List and Scope Sheet):

    1. Click the “Bid List Tools” or “Scope Sheet” toolbar.
    2. Click the “About” button on the far right.


    1. Click the little pencil next to the “Last Updated” time stamp. Read the description that pops up and click “Yes”.


    1. Edit the time stamp. If you know the changes were made in the last few hours just update the time (for example, edit the 14:28 to read 12:28 to sync changes made in the past 2 hours). If the changes were made days ago, update the date.
    2. When complete, click the “ReSync” button. Any updates from that time stamp on will be brought into your file. It will not duplicate changes.