Because the 14Fathoms Bid List and Scope Sheet are built using Excel, there are some changes we recommend to optimize the user-experience. Please follow the steps below, which should take less than 5 minutes to complete, and let us know if you run into any issues.

Important Note: These settings are computer-specific, so if you get, or are working from, a different computer, you should verify these settings. Once they are made they will remain constant for that computer.

  1. Disable Hardware Acceleration (5 steps):

  2. Disable ALL COM add-ins (6 steps):

    Note: Disabling the add-ins doesn’t uninstall them from your computer or prevent you from using the PDF printer or cloud storage. It just removes the toolbar from the Excel menu. Add-ins can always be re-enabled if you find that you need them.

  3. Adjust these Advanced Settings in the 14Fathoms Product:
    1. Bid List: Nothing is needed.
    2. Scope Sheet:
      1. From the Scope Sheet toolbar (A) click “About” (B)
      2. Scope Sheet About Menu
      3. Click “Advanced Settings…” text (C)
      4. Make sure the default calc mode is set to “Auto” and “Don’t change calc…” is NOT checked (D)
      5. Match the checked items in the yellow box
      6. If saving doesn’t take too long, you can opt to save a backup copy of your file every save (E). Otherwise, just check “Save backup version on file close only”
      7. Choose your default PDF printer (F)
      8. When complete, click “Save Changes & Close” (G)
Scope Sheet Advanced Settings
Scope Sheet Advanced Settings