If you are starting a new project and know you bid a similar job in the past, you can import that older bid list’s selected CSI Codes, included companies, and invited contacts into the new bid list to save time. You can still make project-specific changes for the new bid list.

Here is how to use the Import Past Bid List function:

  1. Create a new project bid list as you normally would, starting from your company’s Master Bid List. create a new project bid list
  2. While on the CSI Codes tab, select the “Bid List Tools” toolbar and click “Import Past Bid List” button.Import Bid List Button
  3. Navigate to the old bid list with the data you want to import. Select the bid list and click “Open”.Select bid list to import
  4. There are two ways to import the previous bid list: import bid list options
    1. Click “Yes” to make the new project bid list exactly match the old bid list. This is the typical option if you haven’t already made any selections in the new bid list.
    2. Click “No” if you’ve already customized CSI, companies, or contacts you plan to invite. Choosing this option will just add the old bid list data to the new bid list.

After the import is complete you will see CSI Trades have Ys in the “Include in Sublist” column from the old bid list. The company tab’s “Included” column and the “Invite Filter” on the Contacts tab will match the old bid’s data.Imported bid list results

Tip: If you didn’t use the “Invite Filter” column on the Contacts tab in the old bid list, those contacts will not be included on the new bid list.

To rectify:

  1. Open the old bid list
  2. In the “Bid Status Filter” column, choose the bid status options you want to include (in this example, just Blanks were excluded)update old bid list to import
  3. Put a “Y” in the “Invite Filter” column and drag it down.update invited column before import
  4. Save and close the old bid list.
  5. Redo the import from your new bid list following the import steps above.

Note: Currently, the import does not carry over bid taker names or custom CSI descriptions on the CSI tab. Adding this functionality will be included in a future release.

As always, contact us with any questions or concerns.