A few users say they get prompted for the Bid List or Scope Sheet password when closing their file. The user has to click “Cancel” multiple times to close the pop-up. The trouble is users don’t get the pop-up consistently so it is difficult to troubleshoot. To date, most research shows this is caused by a conflict with a 3rd party software (like Bluebeam) add-in. Below are instructions on how to disable those add-ins in attempt to isolate the issue.

Annoying password pop-up

First thing to try: Disable the BlueBeamOfficeAddIn

  1. Open Excel.
  2. Click “File” then “Options”.
  3. In the Excel Options panel click “Add-Ins” (A).
  4. Go down to the “Manage” drop down (B), select “COM Add-ins” (C), and click “Go…”.
  5. Uncheck “BluebeamOfficeAddin” and click “OK”.
  6. Important: After clicking “OK” close Excel completely and reopen it.
  7. Open the 14Fathoms product, enable macros, and then close the product to see if the pop-up shows up.Either way, please let 14Fathoms know if it worked or not. If it didn’t, please follow the steps below to send information to 14Fathoms to troubleshoot further.

If that doesn’t work send screenshots of your Excel and COM add-ins to 14Fathoms:

There is some information that you can send to 14Fathoms in attempt to troubleshoot. As a last resort some users have had success getting rid of the pop-up by uninstalling and completely reinstalling Microsoft Office.

  1. Open Excel.
  2. Click “File” then “Options”.
  3. In the Options panel click “Add-Ins”.
  4. Take a screenshot of all the Add-Ins, paste them in a Word document or email message. Below is an example of the Add-Ins. Your may have more or less.
  5. In the lower left, select the dropdown and click “COM Add-ins” and “Go…”.
  6. Take a screenshot of those Add-ins and paste the image into the Word or email message and send to support@14fathoms.com

Thank you for your patience as we work diligently to resolve this annoying issue.