You can get data from multiple trade sheets (demolition, electrical, drywall, etc.) to one Top Sheet. This aggregates all the bid data into one place. Data is pulled into the Top Sheet using the trade sheets in the same file as the Top Sheet AND/OR from external trade sheets in your coworker’s Scope Sheet file(s).

Note: To use Trade Sheet data from external scope sheets you first need to create separate scope sheet files for each team member. Say, for example, the chief estimator is handling the site work trades, another team member is doing the architectural trades, and a third estimator is focused on the MEP trades. Each person needs their own Scope Sheet file which is easy to do using the “Extract SS for Coworker” button on the “Setup” tab.  If you haven’t created the files for each estimator, see the “Create Scope Sheet for a Coworker” FAQ first. If you have already created the files for your coworkers or if you don’t have any external Scope Sheets (one estimator is doing all the trades) please continue.

Send data from Trade Sheets to the Top Sheet:

To send data to the Top Sheet the estimator has to use one of the two “Send to Top Sheet” buttons found in the “Scope Sheet” toolbar while on a trade sheet:

Note: Use the “ALL Trade Sheets” to send the data from all Trade Sheets in that file.

Sync data to the Top Sheet:

Once data has been sent to the Top Sheet using the method above, navigate to the Top Sheet in the “Scope Sheet” toolbar or click the “TopSheet” sheet tab:ssNavigateTopSheet

While on the Top Sheet tab, click the “Check For Updates” button in the toolbar:ssCheckForTopSheetUpdates

Data will be brought into the Top Sheet. If a trade is synced that does not exist the row will be added. If the trade row already exists, the data will be updated.

You can manually resort the trade rows by double clicking the up and down arrows or using the “Sort Trade Rows” option in the “Row” drop down menu:ssTopSheetSortTrades

Please read the Top Sheet: How do I use the Top Sheet (an overview)? FAQ for information on how the data is used and organized on the Top Sheet.