You can link multiple trade sheets (electrical, drywall, etc.) to one Top Sheet. This aggregates all the bid data into one place. Data is pulled into the Top Sheet using the trade sheets in the same file as the Top Sheet AND/OR from external trade sheets in your coworker’s Scope Sheet file(s).

Note: To link external scope sheets you first need to create separate scope sheet files for each team member. Say, for example, the chief¬†estimator is handling the site work trades, another team member is doing the architectural trades, and a third estimator is focused on the MEP trades. If you haven’t created the files for each estimator, see the “Create Scope Sheet for a Coworker” FAQ first. If you’ve already created the files for your coworkers or if you don’t have any external Scope Sheets (one estimator is doing all the trades) please continue.

Link to local trade sheets:

There are a few ways to create a link on the Top Sheet to trade sheets that are in the SAME file as the Top Sheet:

Quickest Way:

  1. Click the Scope Sheet Toolbar.
  2. Click the down arrow on the “Add Trade Row” button.
  3. Click “Add trade row for every trade in this file.”
  4. All the trades in the file will be added:
  5. To remove the blank, top line, double click the Up arrow in the Surveying line. The blank line will move down then double click the red “X” on the blank row.

Manual Way:

  1. Double click the “+Add Trade” button for each trade you want to add.
  2. Use the drop down in the yellow shaded cell in the Source Sheet column and select the trade desired trade sheet.

Link to external (coworker) scope sheet file and import their trades

  1. On the Scope Sheet toolbar click “Link External Scope Sheet”.
  2. Select and open the estimator’s scope sheet file.
  3. The trade sheets in that file will be linked. If the trade already exists in the top sheet it will not re-link it. The “L” in column A indicates the link is functioning properly.
  4. Optional: Repeat the link procedure for the other estimator files working on your project.
  5. Optional: You can quickly resort the order of the trade sheet rows by clicking the Scope Sheet Sort button (B) on the Data tab in the ribbon (A):
  6. Optional: You can move the linked trades by double-clicking the “Edit” button to the left.