You can re-use an existing Scope Sheet for another iteration of the same project bid (e.g. 50% drawings to 100% drawings) or to bid a new project that is similar to a past project. Do NOT use Excel’s built-in Save-As button nor copy and paste and rename the file. Instead use the 14Fathoms “Save as different project scope sheet” function in the Scope Sheet Function drop down menu: SaveAsDifferentScopeSheetRibbon
Click the button and add the new project and file name. Select the data you want carried over from the old project scope sheet file to the new file and click the Create & Open New Scope Sheet File button.

SaveAsOptionsIn the example above, the due dates will NOT be carried over to the new file. The bidder names and contacts will be carried over, but the subs’ responses, amounts bid, and other bid specific data will not be copied.

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