Your company should have one Master Scope Sheet template. Changes made on this Master template will be the basis for all projects created going forward. There are also some global company settings that can only be changed while in the Master template. Here are the steps to enter the Master Scope Sheet template.
If you have questions, please contact us.

  1.  Open your company’s Master Scope Sheet template.
  2.  On the “Create a new scope sheet” screen, click “Edit Master Scope Sheet Template” at the bottom:
  3. Type in your company’s master password. If you don’t know this, contact the person listed. If they don’t know it, contact 14Fathoms.
  4. Click “Open Master”. You are now in the Master Scope Sheet for your company.Open Master Template
  5. Make the edits to the Master file, save, and close the file as you normally would.
Edit the Template tab:
Best practice is just to edit scope items to the General scope of work area. However you can add items to the Trade Specific, Exclusions and/or Alternates/Unit price sections. Just keep in mind that those items will show up on all new Scope Sheet files created.
Edit the Top Sheet tab:
If the TopSheet tab isn’t showing, click “Show/Hide Top Sheet” in the Scope Sheet toolbar. Customize the indirect section below the project Subtotal to capture your company’s costs. Update percentages to stay consistent across all jobs.
Insert/edit a custom sheet:
If you company has a an Excel sheet that is commonly used on project (for example a sheet to calculate General Conditions), just click “Add a Custom Sheet” from the Add Trade Sheet drop down. You can import a macro-free sheet and/or create a blank sheet. You can also edit an existing custom sheet so the change is reflected on all new projects.
At the bottom of the Setup sheet are some Master Scope Sheet Options. If they aren’t visible, double click the Show/Hide button.

Scope sheet master options

Set the Master Scope Sheet file location to prevent multiple Masters from being created at your company. Double click the Set Location button to save the current files location. If a user moves the Master and attempts to use it, they will be notified that they are using the wrong Master.

Allow editing of trade CSI code list in master mode only: If CSI codes should only be added, edited, or removed in Master Scope Sheet mode, change this to true. If false, anyone at your company can make changes to your company’s list of CSI trade divisions from within their scope sheet file. See this FAQ on how to add, edit, or delete a CSI.

Allow editing of boilerplate scope in master mode only: If boilerplate items should only be added, edited, or removed while in Master Scope Sheet Template mode, select True. If anyone at your company can edit boilerplate scope, set to False.

Double Click to Edit Super User & PW: Edit your company’s Super User contact information or Master Password.