Your company should have one Master Bid List template. Changes made on this Master template will be the basis for all projects created going forward. There are also some global company settings that can only be changed while in the Master template.

If you have questions, please contact us.

  1.  Open your company’s Master Bid List template.
  2.  On the “Create a Project Specific Bid List” screen, click “Enter Master Mode” at the bottom:
  3. Type in your company’s master password. If you don’t know this, contact the person listed. If they don’t know it, contact 14Fathoms.
  4. Click “Open Master”. You are now in the Master Scope Sheet for your company.MBLMode
  5. Make the edits to the Master file, save, and close the file as you normally would.
While in Master Mode the following can be done:
Batch Editing:
Changes can be made directly to the spreadsheet. It is still recommended to double click an entries to edit them. Multiple contacts cannot be added in this mode yet, please contact 14Fathoms if a lot of companies or contacts need to be added.
Companies tab: 
Customize the headers and options. Double click headers in the first row that are underlined to edit. The green background rows can have the list of available options edited by clicking “Edit Options”. Changing the header in Master Template Mode will update all existing and new bid lists.

Company Tab Edit bid list headers



  1. Click the “Other Settings” button in the “Bid List” toolbar.
  2. Click “Master Bid List Setup” button if the pane isn’t visible.
  3. Make the desired changes:
    1. Set the Mater Bid List File Location to prevent multiple Masters from being created at your company. Click the “Assign Location” button to save the current files location. If a user moves the Master and attempts to use it, they will be notified that they are using the wrong file.
    2. Edit the Master Bid List super user contact information or the password to open the Master Template.
    3. Check Add/Edit CSI Codes in Master Mode only if your company wants to limit who can edit the list of trades. If checked, changes can only be made while in Master Bid List Template mode. If unchecked anyone can add, edit, or delete trade divisions from their project bid list.
    4. Make users read-only, meaning they can’t add or edit CSI codes, companies, or contacts. They can still track bidding status and project communications. Select the registered users who should be read-only. There is a setting to make new users read-only by default: