A new user should only have to register one time and will have access to all subscribed 14Fathoms products. The registration process is as follows:

  1. The new user should open a 14Fathoms product (any Bid List or Scope Sheet) from their work computer and enable macros.
  2. When asked if trying to register as a new user, click “Yes”.newuserform_1
  3. The new user should enter their work email address and click “OK”.newuserform_2
  4. The new user should look for an email from 14Fathoms support within two minutes. If an email isn’t received check the spam folder. If the email still isn’t found, contact us.
  5. The received email will contain a link to download a registration file. Click the link to download and save the file.
  6. Open the registration file and enable editing and macros as necessary.
  7. The new user will fill in their details and double click the “Submit Form” button.newuserform_3
  8. A final confirmation email will be sent. The new user should open that email and click the link to activate their account.
  9. The user can close and discard the registration file and reopen the 14Fathoms product.

Contact us with any issues.

Register Additional Computer Form