How to Disable Add-ins

Note: Disabling add-ins doesn’t uninstall the program from your computer or prevent you from using the program (be it a PDF printer, cloud storage, takeoff software, etc). It just removes the toolbar from the Excel menu. Add-ins can always be re-enabled if you find that you need them. Most of the time, you don’t need them and they can make Excel faster and more stable.

    1. Open Excel.
    2. Click “File” then “Options”.
    3. In the Excel Options panel click “Add-Ins” (A).
    4. Go down to the “Manage” drop down (B), select “COM Add-ins” (C), and click “Go…”.
    5. Uncheck all the add-ins to disable them and click “OK”.
    6. Important: After clicking “OK” close Excel completely and reopen it.
    7. Reopen the 14Fathoms product, enable macros, and use the file.