Allow Macros to be Enabled with Notification (One time setup)
Note: Depending on your Excel version, the screen images may differ slightly, but the steps are the same.

  1. Click “File” in the top left10-01
  2. Click “Options10-02
  3. Click “Trust Center” in the box on the left
  4. Click “Trust Center Settings…” on the right10-03
  5. Click “Macro Settings” in the box on the left
  6. Select “Disable all macros with notification
  7. Click “OK10-04
  8. Click “OK” again
  9. Completely close out of Excel and reopen the 14Fathoms macro-enabled file

Work with Macros (You’ll do this each time you open the file)

  1. Right above the formula bar you should see a Security Warning, Click “Enable Content” (10)10-05
    Note: You might also see a security alert box opens. Click “Enable this content
  2. Click “OK”

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