14Fathoms Scope Sheet allows your team to quickly level bidding subcontractors and minimizes your project exposure risk.

Scope Sheet Features:

  • Create Top Sheet summary that aggregates project bids across all trades (with ability to link to multiple estimator’s Scope Sheets for a summary in one place!)
  • Import bidding subcontractors from your Project Bid List.
  • Create custom scope sheets per trade discipline with a few clicks.
  • Create and save frequently used boilerplate scope that syncs across your company.
  • Export and import subcontractor scope sheets to ensure the quotes you are comparing are “apples-to-apples.”
  • Level your bids with plug costs and visually see scope gaps between subcontractors.
  • Create a report of all plugs, allowances, and holds across your trades.
  • Create a qualification report and/or a list of all bidding subs report.
  • Send emails to bidding subs quickly from your email account.
  • Instantly see price spread details to make informed bid decisions.
  • After award, quickly create your contract scope documents.
  • Update your subcontractor list while using the Scope Sheet. As you add and edit bidding contacts it is updating your list of subcontractors.
  • Your data is kept private and not shared or sold to other general contractors or subcontractors.

All within the familiarity of Microsoft Excel.

Create detailed, professional-looking scope sheets while minimizing redundant data entry

Easily update the project-specific, and your company’s general scope requirement, information across all trade scope sheets. Add trade-specific information to send out for subcontractor review. Import the subcontractor’s responses and quickly see if the scope of everyone’s bids are apples-to-apples. If not, add a plug number to a specific contractor to make the proposals level.  After award, the scope can be used to quickly create your contract documents, further minimizing redundant data entry. If the low sub fills out a scope sheet before the bid, your risk for scope exposure is minimized. No longer can your subcontractors use the excuse, “I didn’t know I had to include that.”

Use boilerplate scope

Do you have a list of items that your demolition subcontractors should always include or want to make sure your electrical sub always installs putty pads?  Do you have a newer staff member and want to make sure they consistently include scope items for specific trades? Your company can setup boilerplate scope to create those consistent scope items across each trade. You can save required scope items, exclusions, alternates, and/or unit prices on a trade-by-trade (and soon industry-by-industry) basis which will automatically be added to your scope sheet when it is created. You can always customize the imported scope items to be specific to a particular project.

Organize & level subcontractor proposals

Receiving and leveling multiple subcontractor proposals for one bid can be a tedious task. During a bid deadline, every second counts. The 14Fathoms Scope Sheet provides quick sorting functionality and a detailed proposal spread report. See the spread between your bidders, bid price per square foot, and identify potential scale take off issues or bad assumptions by your subs. Contact that sub and determine the issue before you carry them on your bid to the owner. All of these functions are based in Excel, so you can move around your worksheets quickly. Estimators can work on different trade packages and combine all the scope sheets once the job is awarded. The sheets are protected where formulas and macros cannot accidentally be changed but there are ways to customize the sheets if needed.

See your overall project bid on the Top Sheet

As your team is filling out their individual trade sheets (drywall, plumbing, painting, etc.) get a near real-time project cost summary using the Top Sheet. The Top Sheet shows all the bidders, current cost data, alternates, budget, buyout and other statistics needed to make informed decisions and keep your project organized. Use the data that is from the individual trade sheets or overwrite a sub’s number you received verbally right before the bid is due. The Top Sheet can be formatted, printed, and saved to be your professional looking bid summary. Because it’s Excel you can customize the Top Sheet with your own general conditions, general requirements, other indirect costs, fee structure, discounts, etc. and standardize it across your company.

Print bid spread information

Format and print your three low bidders on 11″x17″ paper to take to a bid review meeting. Discuss potential exposures and how they can be reduced. Only need to see one bidder on regular paper? That’s easy with the 14Fathoms Scope Sheet.

Send emails easily

Need to send walk through information to you bidding demo subcontractors? No problem, highlight their emails, right click, select “Email Selected” and an email message is created using your email account. The same can be used for addenda, deadline changes, etc. The communications are logged and can be summarized in a good faith estimate report.

Product Introduction

Product Introduction 


Setup Sheet

Add a trade sheet

New Sheet with Boilerplate Scope

Leveled Bids

Top Sheet Summary

Format & Print Bid Comparison

Format & Print Bid Comparison