14Fathoms Master Bid List allows your team to organize, send, and track all critical subcontractor contact and project bid information.

Master Bid List Features:

  • Create a project-specific bid list in minutes, not hours.
  • Invite & track who is bidding (manually or automatically).
  • Keep your subcontractors’ information updated (company-wide).
  • Send multiple, custom emails to your subcontractors from your Outlook email account with the click of one button.
  • Track all communications (calls, emails, and faxes) with each subcontractor to meet good faith estimate requirements.
  • Quickly filter and find subcontractors based on your criteria using built-in Excel functionality.
  • No logins needed.  No passwords to remember.
  • Access your Bid List information on your mobile or desktop browser (iPhone, Android, etc.)
  • You subcontractor data is kept private; it is not shared or sold to other general contractors or subcontractors.

All within the familiarity of Microsoft Excel.

One Master Bid List for your company; individual Project Bid Lists for each project

Your office will have one Master Bid List. Each project will then have an individual Project Bid List.  Changes made by your team members in project-specific bid lists are synced to your Master Bid List and all other Project Bid Lists. As you do more bids, your bid lists are updated with relevant and correct information pertinent to your company. You own the list and can add whomever you want. If a subcontractor did not work well on a project, or if a subcontractor’s insurance has expired, that information will sync and that subcontractor can be filtered out. You will ALWAYS have the most up-to-date information on all your Bid Lists.

Access your Bid List data anywhere

Your bid list contacts, companies, projects, and trade divisions can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection using the mobile-friendly web application. Changes made in your bid lists are reflected immediately on the web app.  Make phone calls, send text messages, and write an email using the latest and greatest subcontractor information. Watch the demo.

Communicate using your email address

The construction industry is built on relationships. Subcontractors do not particularly like receiving invitations to bid projects from impersonal online software. 14Fathoms’ Master Bid List allows you to send invitations to bid (ITBs) from your own email account. You can even personalize your message to each subcontractor.

Work within the comfort of Excel instead of learning to use another web-based software

Even though there are web-based software products available, they are not as easy to use or as familiar as Excel.  Our clients were continually exporting the data from those online products into Excel, which they found to be more easy and efficient to use. The one problem with this is that the data entered into Excel only stayed in that workbook. Each estimator was working with his or her own Excel workbook, and they were not sharing information.  During a bid, time is critical and not getting bogged down in data entry is key. The time spent updating contacts and tracking who is bidding is a loss for your company. With 14Fathoms software, your estimators can use Excel for their bids, but the data they enter isn’t lost. It syncs with all the other 14Fathoms Excel bid lists so that all the newest information is immediately available when you begin your next project bid.

Everyone in your office could (and should) use the Bid List

We like to think of the bid list update process as a “Wikipedia approach” where each person makes small updates and the Bid List files contain very accurate and relevant information.  There is a “Quick Edit” feature so an admin who receives a subcontractor address change can make the update and it is synced to all Bid Lists. This eliminates bottlenecks or delays caused by updates all flowing through one person. It’s not just the estimators or project managers who have to make the updates, anyone can.

How is this information transferred in Excel?

Without 14Fathoms, the data you put in an Excel sheet stays the same unless you manually update it. However, the 14Fathoms’ Bid List works within Excel but has an online database that stores your changes and shares them with your Master Bid List and Project Bid Lists. Updates you and your team make in Project Bid Lists are automatically downloaded into your Master Bid List and merged into existing Project Bid Lists.

Integrates with other 14Fathoms products

The information in the Bid List contains details needed throughout the bidding and purchase process. We despise having to type the same information in multiple places. It wastes time and increases the chance for errors. When you want to level the bids of your subcontractors why re-input all the subcontractor contact details? Subcontractors confirmed to bid in your Project Bid List can be imported into the 14Fathoms scope sheet in seconds. As additional 14Fathoms products are created, they will integrate with the Bid List as well.

Import Bidding Subcontractors

Print (or export) your Bid List

Need a task for the summer intern? Filter your bid list by those companies missing contact names, mobile phone number, or bad email addresses, print it and let him call and update the Master Bid List.  Is there someone in your office that wants to work with the bid list but doesn’t need all the time-saving features of the 14Fathoms bid list? You can export whatever data you need into a basic, macro-free workbook.

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Track Subcontractor Bidding Status