Master Bid List

Organize all critical subcontractor contact and project bid information, send invitations to bid, and track all project bids. Learn more

Scope Sheet

Quickly input and compare bidding subcontractors to ensure they are bidding identical scopes of work. Aggregate low 3 bidder’s information for overall project costs on the Top Sheet. Learn more

Custom Products

Hire 14Fathoms to build a custom solution for your business.


14Fathoms software products are sold using an active-user subscription model.

The price for the first year is $1,200 for unlimited projects and users at your company. 

At the annual renewal period, actual user usage is reviewed, and your company is charged $600/year per active user. An active user is anyone who used the product 12 or more hours during the preceding year.

During your subscription period products come with US-based phone and email support and software updates (products are still actively developed and improved based on client feedback and ideas). The products can be used by unlimited employees at your specific office location for unlimited projects.

There is a two month satisfaction guarantee. If the software does not benefit your company after two months, you will receive a refund.

Contact us for a demonstration or more information.

System Requirements

The desktop versions Microsoft Excel 2007 or newer running on a PC with the latest updates installed. Macros must be enabled.

An active, work email account. Microsoft Outlook is not required but adds significant functionality if installed. Other email services can also be used.

An active internet connection for syncing data (the files can be used offline and will sync the next time internet connection is established).

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