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Been loving the program, nothing but good things to say.

Project Manager, Chicago, IL

Jason Stonchus Project Manager, Bulley and Andrews, Chicago, IL 2017/05/21

I use the DCR template on a daily basis. Previously I'd waste time copying cells and changing formats to make each Report look nice. The Macros that Michael coded into the DCR template allow for a seamless day to day transition. I also get a summary sheet that compiles all the data within the excel file.

Project Manager, Chicago, IL

Tom Bade Project Manager, Turner Construction, Chicago, IL 2014/10/30

Michael took the initiative in our group to develop new templates for bidding documents that we continue to use daily throughout our company.

Project Manager, Chicago, IL

Rachel Munkvold Project Manager, Turner Construction, Chicago, IL 2014/10/29

Michael's skills in Excel have been invaluable to our office. He created a custom, programmed Excel workbook to capture all of the deliverables and activities of our 100-person office, trained our staff on its use and provided support as we implemented it for regular use. I highly recommend his support, and hope to use him again in the future.

Development Officer, Kansas City, MO

Becca Jones Development Officer, Turner Construction, Kansas City, MO 2014/10/29

Michael’s scope sheet tool is equally time saving and impressive.  We are able to customize our scope sheets for each new bid, and no longer have to manually update spreadsheet formatting.  We are able to instantly sort scope sheets by trade, bid status, and low bidder.  The result is countless hours saved on menial tasks and instead spent on the work that truly matters.  Michael’s tools have revolutionized the bidding process in my unit, and have allowed me to be a better organized and more efficient Project Manager.

Project Manager, Chicago, IL

Ryan White Project Manager, Turner Construction, Chicago, IL 2014/10/28

Michael and I worked together for two years at Turner Construction Company. As the Marketing Manager of a very fast-paced department, I needed a better system to keep track of our monthly deadlines. Michael knew exactly what I was looking for. He created a detailed spreadsheet that tracked due dates, key project data, estimated revenue, project team and much more. I have the ability to sort by multiple fields, such as the office and employee responsible for responding to each pursuit.

The ease of the spreadsheet was the best part. When a pursuit moved to the interview stage, all I had to do was click one button and it would automatically move to the appropriate place on the calendar. He even created separate tabs for our overall estimated revenue, wins/losses and submittal archive. Michael’s understanding of the industry, enthusiasm and technical knowledge was invaluable. He made a dramatic improvement in the organization of our work, and made the process much more efficient for everyone.

Kelly May Marketing Manager, Turner Construction, Chicago, IL 2014/10/28

I’ve experienced firsthand the benefits from two tools Michael created, the first being our automated bid list.  Thanks to Michael’s work we are now able to quickly customize and update bid lists for each of the estimates we’re working on.  Previously, every time a bid update needed to be sent to our subcontractor community, it involved the painful process of typing in each e-mail address – which was hundreds of contacts, as many as 10 times per bid, for each of the many bids we were working on.  Now it is all performed with a single click of a button.  This provides a bid management solution that is streamlined and less cumbersome than other products on the market.

Project Manager, Chicago, IL

Ryan White Project Manager, Turner Construction, Chicago, IL 2014/10/28

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